Air Ray is a airline founded on July 31, 2011. Their slogan is: 'Air ray will care for you. Air Ray will share with you.' They are good partners with Pocky Airlines.

History Edit

Air Ray launched on July 31, 2011, with it's headquarters at Los Angeles. Afterwards on the launching day, the CEO saw that that making money would be slow with a tiny cargo and passenger plane. Another thing that was discovered, all the planes were in Europe, across the ocean, and the plane didn't even have a long enough range to fly to North America. With the first day going along bad, Air Ray decided to shut down, filing for bankruptcy. The next day, on August 1, 2011, it re-opened with a better fleet. Now Air Ray started out making more profits than ever before with a Ilyushin Il-76.

Routes Edit

  • Phoenix -> Santa Ana
  • Vancouver -> Santa Ana

Fleet Edit


1. Ilyushin Il-76

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