The portion of fat on a human's face, located between the eyes and the chin.

Size Edit

Cheeks vary in size from being just skin to being heavy and thick in fat. The largest recorded cheeks are Frederick Gumple's 8 lbs. cheeks, but those are fake and pumped up. The largest natural cheeks are Ryan Tran's 5 lbs. cheeks.

Cheek addiction Edit

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Cheek addiction has been rising rapidly in the last couple years. It is a rising epidemic, especially in the U.S. People with big cheeks are at risk.

Cheek abuse Edit

Cheek addicts often neglect cheeks and abuse them. Common signs of abuse are pimples on cheek, bruises, and red tone. The red tone of the cheek is often confused for a blush or a rash, but it is different. It only shows if the cheek is touched daily.