A tan cow nose ray. Ryan thinks he's quite cute. He's quite popular among the Pocky community. He's the main character in the movie, The Decision.

Origin Edit

Norman was "born" in a factory located in Indonesia Spring 2010 as product #1000. Later transported to Bahamas, he was place in a Atlantis Resort gift shop. Where there he made friends with Tiffany. Later, he was bought by Ryan, and coincidentally Tiffany was bought by the same family, Tran.

The Reality Show Edit

Norman was in The Reality Show Season 1 and 2. In both seasons, Norman was in team Atlantis and always was with Tiffany. Norman has won both seasons and received 2 rings. Ever since, he became a celebrity with his team members.

Trivia Edit

  • Norman was named after the Hoenn Gym Leader, Norman.
  • Being favored by Ryan, many things were inspired by Norman. For example, Air Ray and Ryan's new love in the colors, tan and brown.

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