Pocky Airlines was established on August 1st, 2011. Their slogan is 'The #1 regional airline. Fly with us. Fly Pocky.' They are part of the 'WE LOVE FLYING' (WLF) alliance. The WLF alliance includes 54 members. Pocky Airlines are partners with Air Ray, which is also in the WLF alliance.


The Rough StartEdit

The original Pocky Airlines was created on July 31st but shut down after one day of operation. Its headquarters were at Los Angeles. They only had one route. The Dubai-Baghdad route used a Boeing 737-200 Advanced. The original Pocky Airlines also had a Beechcraft 1900D but it never flew.

A New BeginningEdit

After their CEO realized the business wasn't going to work, he shut down the company; filing for bankruptcy. The very next day, on August 1st, 2011, he started a new airline company with the same name. The 'new' Pocky Airlines aimed to be more reliable and easier to operate. The company started with 2 ATR 42F's for cargo and 1 Dash 8 Q300 for passenger transport. The company chose Santa Ana, California as its new headquarters.


Varys per day.

The usual routes:Edit

  • Sacamento - Bellingham, operated with ATR 42F
  • Sacamento - Bellingham, operated with ATR 42F
  • Medford - Bellingham, operated with Dash 8 Q300
  • Minneapolis - Wichita, operated with Mitsubishi MRJ90LR

All routes are round-trips (turn-arounds).

Hubs and slotsEdit

  • Santa Ana, CA (Airline headquarters)
  • Bellingham, WA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Medford, OR (owned by WLF)
  • Phoenix, AZ (owned by WLF)
  • Wichita, KS (owned by WLF)
  • Minnesota, MN (owned by WLF)
  • Pensacola, FL (alliance headquarters)



  • 2 ATR 42F - purchased new
  • 1 Dash 8 Q300 - purchased new
  • 1 Mitsubishi MRJ90LR - purchased new

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