The Anti-Cheek Club, also known as ACC, is a little group of believers who fight against cheek abuse. This group was formed on July 2011, by Ryan.The headquarters of ACC is located in Garden Grove,CA.

The Anti-Cheek Club current logo

The Job Edit

Everyday except Sun. and Wed. at 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, the group walks to the houses that registered to the 5 day cheek check. A cheek professional will come to inspect the cheek thoroughly. Each household needs to pay $8 every 2 days, and donations/tips can be turned in at any Anti-Cheek Club building. If any signs of cheek abuse was founded, the area will be investigated and the cheek owner and excepted suspects will be sentenced. If the crimes is small, the abuser will be fined ranging from 200-300 dollars. But if the crime is big, the abuser will be fined $500 and will be in prison for 2 weeks. If the abuser was a child and the crime was small the fines will be lowered to $50. Also if the abuser was a child and the crime was big the fine will be $125 and the child will be sent to the nearest juvenile hall for 5 day. If a person told a member that they heard someone's cheek was abuse at a specific location ACC will act immediately at go at the defined area. When the crime is solved the reporter will receive $300 and the consequences will be raised for the abuser. Each abused person will receive a gift box including an invitation to the group, pimple cures ,and a card saying 'sorry'.

Famous crimes stopped Edit

  • 32 year old Uncle Bobby Riteman was found abuse his little nephew Joesph's cheeks. After spotted, he found the group sneaking on him and ran away with 8 year-old Joesph. Afterwards, he threw Joesph in the backseat floored it, driving over the limit. Later with the police and The Anti-Cheek Club in their van chasing, he was cornered and arrested for abusing little Joesph's cheek.

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